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An electronic cigarette, often referred to as an e-cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), is a type of electronic inhaler that is meant to substitute and simulate tobacco for smoking. There are different brands of electronic cigarettes available, including…

•  Apollo e-cig

•  Volcano e-cig

•  Njoy electronic cigarette

•  Mistic e-cig


The electronic system uses a type of heating element that helps vaporize the solution. Some of the devices release nicotine, while others only release a flavored vapor. There are different brands of disposable electronic cigarettes including…

•  Fin e-cigs

•  Blue disposable e-cigarettes

•  Njoy

•  Logic disposable e-cigs


In addition to the above choices, there are reusable brands available as well. These types are designed to help mimic traditional smoking such as cigars and cigarettes in their appearance and use. Personal vaporizers are addressed by many names such as tobacco vaporizer, nicotine vaporizer, vaporizer pipe, mini vaporizer, and pocket vaporizer.

Most electronic cigarettes you come across will be cylindrical in shape and each one includes similar components such as a liquid, cartridge, power source, and atomizer. The liquid is generally referred to as an e-juice or simply liquid. Many electronic cigarettes that you will find in Beaver Falls, PA are made from replaceable streamlined parts, while many of the disposable devices include a single part that is thrown away once the liquid has been completed evaporated.

Cartridge: The cartridge is the main part of the e-cigarette and help serve as a mouthpiece and the reservoir for the liquid. This piece is designed to allow the e-liquid to flow into the atomizer. The vapor from the atomizer then flows into the user’s mouth through the vaporizer pipe. Some models of e-cigarettes will have a tank that holds loose fluid, while other versions will have a foam material that holds the liquid in place. Once the liquid has been used up, users are able to refill the cartridge or replace it.


Atomizer: The atomizer is considered the central component of an e-cigarette. This piece contains a heating element and is responsible for helping the liquid vaporize. It also draws the liquid into the wicking material. “Dripping” atomizers do not contain an atomizer tank or fluid reservoir and they instead have a periodic manual moistening of the wick. Depending on your preference, some people enjoy having an atomizer and others enjoy having a cartomizer. There are many different atomizers available.


Cartomizer: An atomizer can lose its efficiency over time due to burn out, buildup of sediment, and some models having a cartomizer that doubles as a cartridge. This piece of the e-cigarette has a heating element in it which is surrounded by a poly-foam that is soaked with liquid. Many people believe that vaping is one of the best ways to stop smoking.


Power: Many of the e-cigarettes have a rechargeable battery, which is the biggest piece of the device such as the Krave or Logic brand e-cigs. In the battery, you may find that there is an electronic airflow sensor and a trigger activates by drawing breath through the device. Some other models require you to hold a button down while in use. There may be an LED indicator to show when the device is on. Some manufacturers make the portable charging kit shaped like a packet of cigarettes. Some devices are shaped more towards the enthusiast and will contain boosted features such as a variable output and the support of a wide range of internal batteries and atomizers. The extra options are offered on the Apollo e-cig, Silver bullet e-cig, and the Hash soil e-cig.

Components of an E-cigarette

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Construction of an E-cigarette

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